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Margaret Park School
May 28, 2024
School Day 5
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Building Student Success with Indigenous Parents

What is BSSIP?

BSSIP means Building Student Success with Indigenous Parents. BSSIP is a government funded initiative to help schools and families fulfill the following goals:

    • Find ways to help Indigenous students have a more positive and productive time in school.
    • Provide opportunities for parents and other organizations to participate and support Indigenous students and families.
    • Support the Indigenous Achievement grant through culturally relevant experiences and activities.
    • Continue to support the schools and programs.
BSSIP is a partnership between schools and Indigenous families. The goal is to have families involved their children's educational experiences. Any family of any background is welcome to attend our activities!

For further information about the BSSIP grant, visit the Manitoba Education and Literacy BSSIP site. It highlights the goals and initiatives and also provides links to other project sites.

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