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Margaret Park School
May 28, 2024
School Day 5
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A Word About the Arts
Margaret Park is an Arts focused school!  We believe that learning is deeper and more engaging for children when it occurs in and through the Arts.  Research tells us that a child's learning is not complete without rich Arts experiences.
Children have three MUSIC classes per 6-day cycle which involve movement, instruments, singing and rhythm/musical notation delivered through an Orff approach.  In the older grades they also learn the recorder. 
The children in grades 3 to 5 also participate in VIOLIN/FIDDLE classes.  They work with both the music teacher and the violin teacher in a team setting.  Each child is able to work with a violin provided by the school/school division.  Opportunities are given for sharing throughout the year.
DANCE classes are enjoyed by all children. Children learn some familiar dance songs and steps/moves that they can enjoy beyond the school day.  They also learn dances for the purpose of improving their movement and flexibility skills.  Options for sharing include assemblies and also the evening musical presentations in our school.
The VISUAL ARTS are explored in the everyday learning activities in the classroom.  All teachers work hard to find ways to challenge the children to be creative and imaginative in their projects/activities.  The individual voice of children can often "be heard" in their artwork!