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May 27, 2023
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tiger and mountie.jpgThe internship program is a key component to the experience of Met School.  Our students have incredible experiences linked to their interests and supported by competent, professional and caring mentors in our community. 
To get an internship, students first develop resumes, do research on their interests and learn about careers and fields of study in Winnipeg.  With their teacher they interview experts in the field and make decisions about what internship placement might be a good fit for them.  It is an amazing part of the Met School and students develop strong professional skills and personal qualities. 
How do students get to their Internship placements?
Most students take Winnipeg Transit or are transported to and from internships by their parents.  The cost of transportation to the Internship is covered by parents.  Met School students, advisors and families plan Internship placements with the logistics of transportation in mind.    
Does everyone find an Internship?
The first few months of school are focused on finding an Internship and we expect students to be starting internships in October or November (if not sooner).  Occasionally, students have difficulty securing an Internship.  Sometimes age may be a barrier, sometimes workplaces have Internship programs with other schools, and sometimes the right mentor is hard to find.  In these cases we may ask families to help by recommending a contact that may be able to accept their child for an Internship.  In other cases we look for a volunteer placement until an Internship placement is secured.  Either way, there is a lot of ‘real world learning` that takes place – students need to persevere and open themselves up to new ideas and opportunities.
What if a student starts an Internship and doesn’t like it?
All students visit the internship site and meet with the mentor before an internship ever starts.  Students meet the mentor at the informational interview and they spend one to four days at the site to see if they like it before any decisions are made.  If an internship placement is available and a student accepts it, he/she is expected to attend daily and be open to the opportunities and challenges that “real-world” learning presents.  A commitment to an internship of 3 to 6 months is typical.  If the internship is not a good match, efforts will be made to improve the student’s experience at the site, complete the commitment and make plans for an even better internship experience next time.