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West St. Paul School
Oct 02, 2023
School Day 2
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Early Years Athletics

​​​​Welcome Wildcats to the 2023-2024 school year! 

The following sports will be offered to students in Gr 4 & 5.  All students are encourged to try each sport.  Those students consistently attending practices and demonstrating committment to the team will be invited to play in the jamboree or meet at the end of each sport 'season'.  

Practices take place on days 1, 3 and 5 in the gym during first break (9:50-10:15).  Students on the team will come to the gym for practice after snack instead of going outside for recess.   ​Each sport season will take place one after the other and do not overlap.

Letters home will be sent home in the days prior to the event for those students who will be participating in the event.

Cross Country - Gr 4 & 5
Meet on October 4th @ Little Mountain Park, Rain Date Oct. 11th.

Team Handball - Gr 4 & 5 
Jamboree the week of Nov. 7-10, exact date TBA.

Circulation Volleyball - Gr 5
​Jamboree Dec 14th or 15th, exact date TBA.

3 on 3 Basketball - Gr 5
Jamboree Feb 6th or 7th, exact date TBA.

Badminton - Gr 5 
Jamboree the week of March 18-22, exact date TBA.

Flag Football - Gr 5
Jamboree May 13th or 14th, exact date TBA.

Track & Field  - Qualifying Students from Gr 4 & 5
​June 18th, Rain Date June 20th.