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École Rivière-Rouge
Oct 28, 2021
School Day 1
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Parent Connect

​In a world of on-line banking, shopping and accessing information of all kinds, schools are no different. École Rivière-Rouge, along with many other schools in Seven Oaks School Division is​​ moving towards a paperless system called Parent Connect where all the traditional information provided from the school is found on-line.

Parent Connect will allow families to:

  • Review attendance (real time to current day)
  • View report card marks and comments
  • Schedule Parent/Teacher Conference times
  • View demographics (guardian and emergency contact information, email address)
  • View your child’s current bus route
  • Send messages to teachers
  • Pay school fees online and view account status

​It is more important than ever, that families have a working email provided to the school that they check regularly. Most memos and communication from École Rivière-Rouge will come in the form of an e-mail to families instead of paper memos.

We do understand that some families do not have computer access. Please call the office so we can support you. If you require paper copies of report cards and newsletters, please make this request through your child’s teacher.

We hope that this Parent Connect Resource Guide will be of help to you. Please keep this guide at home for future reference.

Please pay special attention to the Report Card session and the booking of conference times. 

Access to Parent Connect:

  • Go to the top of any Seven Oaks Divisional or School Website;
  • Click on Parent tab (located on upper right hand side of division website);
  • Click on Parent Connect (using email address); 
  • First time users: type in email address and click on "Retrieve Initial Password". You will received an email to set your password.
  • Returning users: type in email address, password and click on "Get Student" (if you have more than one student attending a Seven Oaks School Division school, click on "Select a Student" and pick the student you would like to view.
  • Web forms are now available online (Emergency Procedure, Field Trip, Publication Authorization and Information Technology). Once completed, forms will be effective as long as your child stays at the school or until you require a change to a response. If you require a change to a response, you will need to contact the office at 204-697-5962.

To make any changes to demographic information (i.e. email address, work information, phone numbers, home address and home phone number), please contact the school office at 204-697-5692.