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Adult Learning Centre (950 Jefferson Ave.)
Jun 15, 2024
No School Today

If you want to pay off your grad photos, here is a great way to do that.


Grad Coffee Fundraiser

Sell Wayfinders Coffee as a fundraiser for grad photos. Get your fair trade & organic coffee order forms in ASAP.

Students make $5 for every 1 pound bag of ground or beans coffee you sell!

See Fran for more information.


Plant Sale

For three weeks in March and April we will pre-sell plants - flowers, vegetable and fruit for an end of May arrival. Look for catalogues in March.

Students earn a percentage for every plant they sell.

Plants will be delivered at the end of May.

See Fran for more information.

Mom's Pantry Sale

During the month of May, students have an opportunity to sell Mom's Pantry items in order to earn funds towards their grad photos.

Orders will be delivered at the end of May.

See Shelby for more information.