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70 Doubleday Drive, Winnipeg, MB, R2P 0P4| Phone: (204) 633-8870| Fax: (204) 632-6136
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James Nisbet
Community School
Sep 25, 2020
School Day 5
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​​​École James Nisbet Community School

École James Nisbet Community School Phone/téléphone:(204) 633-8870


Fax/télécopieur:(204) 632-6136


70 Doubleday Drive
Winnipeg, MB
R2P 0P4
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Languages/langues:English, Français
Principal/Directeur: Sean McGillivray

Vice Principal

​​​Administrative Assistants:


Cheryl Deans

Marnie Jonatschick                    Lisa Pedrick



We are a Kindergarten to Grade 5 Dual Track English and French Immersion School. It is a school with a big heart that prides itself on nurturing students to their full potential.

Our Mission

Together, we strive for excellence in education and encourage a passion for learning. We believe in educating both the heart and the mind. We educate our students to live peacefully together as caring, compassionate people in a school community and as citizens of the world.