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Школа R.F. Morrison School
May 28, 2024
School Day 5
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Parent Advisory Committee

"PAC's mission is to facilitate, support and advocate for the effective involvement of parents as partners working towards excellence in education." 

Parent Advisory Committee meets once a month at the school.   Everyone is welcome. 

Please check the calendar and the monthly newsletter for the next meeting date. 

If anybody has questions or concerns they can email

Hope to see you at our next PAC meeting,


Elizabeth Pimentel



PAC-Apr 16 2024.pdfPAC-Apr 16 2024New
PAC-Jan 16 2024.pdfPAC-Jan 16 2024New
PAC-Nov 28_2023.pdfPAC-Nov 28_2023New
PAC -May 16th.pdfPAC -May 16th
PAC -APR 18th.pdfPAC -APR 18th
PAC -MAR 14th 2023.pdfPAC -MAR 14th 2023
PAC -Feb 7th.pdfPAC -Feb 7th
PAC -Jan 10th.pdfPAC -Jan 10th
PAC -Dec 6th.pdfPAC -Dec 6th
PAC -Oct 4th.pdfPAC -Oct 4th
RFM PAC minutes May 3rd 2022.pdfRFM PAC minutes May 3rd 2022
RFM PAC minutes Nov 30th 2021.pdfRFM PAC minutes Nov 30th 2021
October 2021.pdfOctober 2021
February 2020.pdfFebruary 2020
September 11 2018.pdfSeptember 11 2018
October 2019.pdfOctober 2019
November  2018.pdfNovember 2018
September 2019.pdfSeptember 2019
April 2018.pdfApril 2018
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