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123 Red River Boulevard W., Winnipeg, MB, R2V 3X9| Phone: (204) 334-8417| Fax: (204) 334-9031
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Riverbend Community School
Feb 21, 2024
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About Us

Located at 123 Red River Boulevard West, Riverbend Community School was officially opened October 12, 1995. There are presently 365 children in attendance. Programs are offered at the K to 5 levels in English and K-5 Ojibwe Bilingual.

Riverbend Community School offers a vibrant and dynamic learning environment where students learn to support each other as they pursue their own unique talents and interests. We practice acceptance and inclusion of all children in classroom settings. Learning takes place in a variety of ways including; direct instruction, collaborative peer learning, inquiry and through opportunities for performance and leadership. Our staff endeavours to balance learning in terms of children’s intellectual, social and moral development.

We continue our emphasis on being a child centered, invitational school where children behave appropriately because they are engaged in learning and are given opportunities to exercise leadership and take responsibility in the context of their classroom and playground. We expect that staff regularly engage children in conversations about beliefs and how their beliefs can then be used to guide their behaviour. At Riverbend Community School children learn to care for and respect each other and adults through modelling, role playing, learning about choices and consequences and through everyday cooperation.

A hard working and supportive parent association is a vital part of our community-based school. One of the primary objectives of the parent association is to stimulate an open environment for all parents to feel welcome to participate in their child’s education and well being.

From early on in our school’s history, staff developed the following statement of purpose:

“As early childhood teachers we are student centered, knowledgeable of child development, knowledgeable of curriculum, creative, critical thinkers, environmentally conscious team builders and supportive of parent and community involvement.”