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Riverbend Community School
Jun 17, 2024
School Day 1
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Cold Weather Policy

Re: Cold Weather Bussing/Patrols/Indoor Recess

The Division will be following the same protocol as other metro school divisions regarding the operation of school busses on extremely cold days. When the Environment Canada (Winnipeg The Forks) wind chill is -45°c or colder as of 6:00 a.m. school busses will not operate that day. Please note that even if the temperature warms up (i.e. at 6:10 a.m. it’s -40°c) the decision made at 6:00 a.m. will stand for the day. Morning cancellation of buses remains in effect for the remainder of the day, including at dismissal time. Parents have to get their children back and forth to school on their own. This includes afternoon kindergarten as well. If you think that weather conditions are such that there may be a cancellation, please listen to CJOB-680. As well, Seven Oaks School Division transportation department states the following stations will also carry the announcements:

CBC-990  Q94FM  CKY-580  QX104FM  BOB 99.9 92  CITI-FM HOT103

This step is taken to ensure student safety, as our school busses are unreliable in these conditions. As well, children will not go out for recess if the temperature, including the wind chill, is -27°c or colder. Patrols will be on duty briefly if the temperature is between -27°c to -31°c. If the temperature is -31°c or colder, there will be no patrols on duty. École Riverbend Community School refers to the Environment Canada (Winnipeg - Airport -  temperature) report. The Environment Canada phone number is 983-2050.