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Kildonan Youth Activity Centre (KYAC)

​​​​​You've Registered, Now What?

Currently our field trip registration is closed, please check to see what the next steps are: 

We will be offering a daily waitlist in the summer, on a first come-first serve basis. If your child/ward is interested in a field trip that they were unable to register for, just have them attend our drop-in site on the day of the desired field trip with all necessary items (water bottle, lunch, close toed shoe, waiver, permission, money, etc)
Please have them let staff know first thing in the morning and their name will be added to our waitlist, then if we have any cancellations we will pull participants from the waitlist. There is no guarantee that those names on the waitlist will attend the field trip.

*Reminder: if the field trip requires a waiver, this will need to be filled out prior to the field trip date.
Waivers & Permission Forms
​Please ensure that all necessary waivers and permission forms have been completed. For those attending Dartpocalypse, Laser Jungle, Flying Squirrel and Vertical Adventures you will need to complete waivers (links located below)

All participants will need to complete our permission forms. If you did not complete these on Parent Connect please contact the Program Coordinator prior to the start of the Summer Program. 

Link to Liability and Field Trip Release HERE​
Link to general permission form HERE

Thank you for your interest in KYAC summer programming. Fees are now available to be paid online in Parent Connect. Please log in, under Fees-select Fees for Payment, change school to KYAC, change school year to Next 2020, select all field trips, click Ready to Pay, then make your payment. 


If you choose to pay via cash or cheque, please take the payment to your home school. Thank you.


​​​​​KYAC Registration Night Information

This year we will be going online for our Field Trip Registration Night!

That's right, you will be able to register your child(ren) from the comfort of your own home!

**Please Note: In order to register for field trips you will need to login to your Parent Connect. From there you will click "Pick Course" on the menu bar, then  select "KYAC" as the "School" and the list of field trips will become available. It is important to hit SAVE after you have selected each field trip. As it is first come, first serve, field trips will outline when they are full. 

As a reminder, our program is available for students aged 8-17 who attend school within the KYAC catchment

​Access to the list of field trips will only be available on June 12th at 5pm

Please read through the instructions we have created to help make the registration process easier. Click HERE​ to access the instructions, there is important information attached, so please read it prior to registration opening June 12th @ 5:00pm.


Registration will go live June 12th @ 5:00pm
The field trip registration will remain open until June 16th, pending availability
Parents can access our online registration through PARENT CONNECT - Please ensure you can login to your Parent Connect account BEFORE registration goes live

*if you do not have access to a computer on the evening of June 12th, please contact the Program Coordinator to make alternate arrangements.
COST​Field trips will range in cost. Details regarding dates and prices will be available in the week prior to registration ​
Each participant can be enrolled in a MAXIMUM of 10 field trips - KYAC staff reserve the right to remove participants from their field trips if they exceed this amount.

When choosing your 10 field trips, this includes field trips that are free. Each participant can only choose 10 total field trips, regardless of price. ​
Some field trips will show age restrictions or highlight that a waiver needs to be filled out. Parents/Guardians must ensure ​that waivers are signed and completed by June 25th in order to guarantee their child's spot. Some waivers will require parents/guardians to come by the KYAC office to complete. If participants fail to meet the age requirement they will be removed from the field trip and their spot will be given to another participant.​

*Waivers for Flying Squirrel must be completed by the parent/guardian by accessing the Flying Squirrel website HERE by June 25th
*Waivers for Dartpocalypse must be completed by the parent/guardian by accessing the Dartpocalypse website HERE by June 25th 
*Waivers for Vertical Adventures can be printed HERE and handed in to the KYAC office by June 25th
*Waivers for Laser Jungle can  be printed HERE​ and handed in to the KYAC office by June 25th  

 Mandatory Permission to Leave & Consent form - This must be completed by each participant who intends on attending KYAC this summer. Please have completed by June 25th. Click HERE

*For the Kildonan Park field trip, Laser Jungle field trip, Flying Squirrel field trip, Fun Mountain field trip and Tinker Town field trip - Participants can only be enrolled in one. During the summer we attend these venues twice, however participants can only choose one of the two dates available. Participants who are enrolled in both dates will be removed from the field trip.​​
When signing up for field trips parents/guardians must also complete any permission forms that are listed. (Permission to Leave Form, General Liability, Water Related Consent Forms) 

Participants must be registered with KYAC prior to registering for Field Trips ​- Please note that participants who are already registered do not need to fill out another registration form. Online Registration Forms can be found under "Registration" on the right hand side. ​
Payment will be due by June 25th, any field trips that remain unpaid past this date will be removed from the participant. 
- Fees can be paid through Parent Connect
- A cheque can be made payable to Seven Oaks School Division and dropped off at your child's school​
When selecting field trips you must commit to one of the two schools we run out of -Ecole Seven Oaks Middle School or Edmund Partridge Community School.

Field Trips will be listed by School, please ensure you are selecting the right site and the right dates. 
REMINDERS​​1. In order to receive a refund for field trips, we must receive notice at least 24 hours prior to the departure of that field trip
2. Participants must be on-site 10 minutes prior to the bus departure time. Failure to be onsite 10 minutes before the bus leaves will result in a loss of that field trip and no refund
3. Participants must have all necessary items prior to field trip departure.  Staff reserve the right to keep children back onsite if they do not have all items required (i.e.: w​ater, closed toe shoes if necessary, bagged lunch, etc.). A list of all essential items will be listed prior to any field trip departures.
Take a look at our field trip calendar HERE​ 

* Please note field trips are subject to change

KYAC Summer Program Information

KYAC is once again running a multi-week Summer Program!


Our summer program is run on a drop-in basis at two schools within Seven Oaks School Division: École Seven Oaks Middle School and Edmund Partridge Community School. Programming consists of a combination of sports, low organized games, arts and crafts and field trips (at a cost).

All students within the Seven Oaks School Division are welcome at our drop in sites, however priority will be given to KYAC catchment participants in regards to field trips.

Please note that field trip spots are limited, and registration is done on a first come, first serve basis


Where: Ecole Seven Oaks Middle School (800 Salter Street) & Edmund Partridge Community School (1874 Main Street)
When: July 2-August 15th
Time: 8:30am-3:30pm​



Kildonan Youth Activity Centre (KYAC)​​

What is KYAC?
Kildonan Youth Activity Centre (KYAC) is a non-profit organization that strives to build respectful and responsible
relationships between local youth and the community. KYAC is dedicated to providing leisure activity centres​ that encompass
healthy, active living and the arts to participants 8-17 years of age. 

KYAC School Year Program:

Edmund Partridge Community School 
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6-9pm

École Seven Oaks Middle School
Tuesday and Thursday 6-9pm
Saturday 12-5pm

Governor Semple Community School
Wednesday 3:30-5:30pm

Forest Park School
Thursday 3:30-5:30pm 

École Riverbend Community School
Tuesday 3:00-5:00pm​​
Youth Council

Thank You to all the participants who came out to our Youth Council Meetings this school year!
Your input and involvment helps us to grow and improve within our program. 
All our meetings have come to an end for this school year, but should you have any ideas or issues to discuss please contact the Program Coordinator at any time

Registration forms for the Youth Council are available HERE
Meetings will take place at the KYAC office in École Seven Oaks Middle School (800 Salter Street)