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Apr 16, 2024
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French Immersion Program

​What is French Immersion?

French Immersion is a program for families who want their children to learn both English and French fluently.

All subjects are taught in French except for​ English Language Arts. The program follows the same curriculum as the English program.

Most parents with children in French Immersion do not understand or speak French.

Entry into French Immersion is in Kindergarten and in the first half of grade 1.


Who is French Immersion for?

French Immersion is for all children! No special skills are required. It is a public school program just like the English program. Like in the English program, it is an inclusive program where we make adaptations to meet the many different needs of our students.


Why choose French Immersion kindergarten for my child?

Learning another language helps expose children to another culture. It allows them to communicate effectively with people from different backgrounds. It helps their memory and brain development. It makes it easier to learn other languages. Learning in the French Immersion program benefits your children now and in their future life experiences. (?)


How can I support my child in French Immersion?

Be supportive and enthusiastic about learning. Provide many opportunities for your child to learn in your home language is by speaking and reading to them. This can be Punjabi, Tagalog, English or any other language. Skills learned in one language are transferrable to their learning of French.


What is a French Immersion milieu?

A French Immersion milieu means that all students in the building are in th​e French Immersion program. There is not be a separate English program in the building.​


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