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École Templeton

Medical Concerns

If your child has any of the following medical concerns: a life-threatening allergy, is prescribed and epipen, has asthma, has a bleeding disorder, has diabetes, has a heart condition, has a seizure disorder or has any other significant disorder:

  • ​Please inform the office and we will guide you through the process.
  • You will be asked to complete a URIS form and a health are plan will be provided by our divisional health nurse. This will help us to provide proper care to your child.


Medication at School

​We understand that, at times, a medical practitioner will prescribe medication to a child that must be administered at school. If your child requires medication at school:

  • The medication must be delivered to the office by a parent or responsible adult.
  • We ask that medication be in its original container.
  • An authorization form must be completed. Click here to download a printable copy or visit the school office to complete a form. 
  • We require that over the counter medication (Tylenol, Benadryl) be accompanied by a label dispensed by a pharmacy.

We ask that all medications brought to school be stored at the office. This includes prescribed medication for asthma. If your child has been prescribed an Epipen for anaphylaxis, we ask that the Epipen:

  • Be carried in a fanny pack and remain with your child at all times OR​
  • Be stored in the main office OR
  • Remain with your child in a fanny pack and have an extra one in the office.

Working together will ensure safe health procedure.​