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Maples Met School
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Mar 24, 2019
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Mentor Profile

​CTO, BitSpace Development

Name: Gabriel Loscana
Student: Lander, Gr. 12

Q: Why is mentoring important to you?
A: I get to share some of the knowledge that I have acquired as a professional. I get to practice my management skills with a student. This is different that managing an employee. It has got me to look at things a bit differently. It is helping me with my soft skills. I get to learn along with my intern.

Q: What is your role as a mentor?
A: I get to guide Lander in how to do things. I am not a boss ordering him to work. I get him to think and analyze, I don’t just give him answers. I scaffold how to learn the skills a professional developer needs so they can answer questions on their own. I treat Lander as a developer not an intern. I have the same expectations for him as any developer on our team. I make sure that he is learning and growing.

Q: Why do you support the Met?
A: The Met is a special program that puts a student in a company. It gives great experiences to students. The Met model is fantastic, it allows students to get a huge leap over other students with regards to work experience.


​North Forge

Name: Bryce North
Student Intern: Elijah, Gr. 11

Elijah: Why is mentoring meaningful to you?
Bryce: The reason that mentoring is meaningful to me is because I get good karma and I want to give back to the community. I am here today because of the people that took their time to help me. It’s our right and my right to repay that, to pass on the same help like how the other people that helped me.

Elijah: What role do you play at (North Forge)?
Bryce: I’m a Subject Matter Expert that specializes in helping clients pitch their business and capital investing.

Elijah: Why do you support the Met model of internships and mentorship?
Bryce: For cities, Winnipeg is behind in technology. For cities to change we need to start young.

Elijah: What do you hope to achieve out of mentoring us?
Bryce: I really hope that we build a community of young entrepreneurs that can bring more innovations and investments in Winnipeg.

Elijah: What used to be your biggest weakness?
Bryce: Spending too much time on planning and not executing the actual plan.

Elijah: How do you deal with failure?
Bryce: Fail as fast as you can, so you can learn what’s working and what’s not working. So you can move to your next idea quickly.


​Irene Baron Eden Centre

Name: Heather Koop
Student: Katia

Q: Describe your relationship with your mentee. How do you support their day-to-day learning?
A: Katia is very pleasant and easy to talk to. Energetic and always eager to learn. We support her by answering any questions she may have and discussing the daily happenings.

Q: How have you seen your mentee learn and grow during your time together?
A: She has made acquaintances with some of our residents and learned about their personal histories.

Q: Why did you decide to get involved in mentoring a student from the Maples Met School?
A: I believe it is very important for inter-generational relationships.

Q: How would you describe the benefits of the Met model of learning?
A: I feel it helps the younger generation to get the feel of where they would like to be in the working world.