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Arthur E. Wright
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Jun 15, 2024
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Multiage Classrooms


A multiage classroom is an environment where children of more than one grade level are grouped together for instruction. In this environment the teacher provides a developmentally appropriate curriculum based on each child’s individual needs and interests. Each child’s own progress and growth are used to determine what they are ready to accomplish. This philosophy recognizes that students learn and develop at different rates, just as they learn to crawl, talk, and ride a bike at different rates. 

Children learn more about themselves when they interact with friends of all ages. Multiage classrooms allow them to participate in groups that are similar to groups you might find in a workplace, in their community, or in their families.

​​​This will also help reduce the stress of your child moving to a new classroom at the beginning of every school year. In a multilevel classroom, your child will already know your classroom's routines and the expectations of their teacher.​​