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Arthur E. Wright
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May 30, 2024
School Day 1
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Learn to Swim

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Learn to Swim- Grades 3/4

We are excited to welcome your child to the SOSD Learn to Swim program! Please review the following items for your information. 

Program Overview 

• SOSD Swim @ School is a fun, participation-based program which teaches swimming skills, promotes fitness, and increases water safety knowledge in students.

 • Upon completion of the program your child will receive a progress report card indicating the skills your child has achieved. Your child will not receive a badge as a result of their participation in the program nor will he/she be assigned a level after completion of the program.

 • The program consists of 9 or 10 lessons per classroom.

 • Monday to Thursday sessions take place at the Seven Oaks Pool and Friday sessions take place at the Sargent Tommy Prince Pool. 

• The program occurs during school hours and students will be bussed to and from the pool during the winter months and walk during the fall and spring months. There is no fee for this program. We have developed several safety protocols with the collaboration of the pool staff: ​