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Arthur E. Wright
Community School

​​​​​The School Pa​trol Pr​ogram is a good way for schools to address safety concerns at key intersections around the school, as well as to provide leadership opportunities to students in grades 5&6 that choose to participate in the patrol program. Our patrols demonstrate hard work and dedi​cation to keep our community safe, and our families also play a large part in supporting our patrol program.  The Manitoba School Patrol Program has been a joint partnership between CAA & MPI for over 20 years, with the Winnipeg Police Service involved in on-the-ground work. 

Weather Policy

Patrols will report to their assigned intersection/crosswalk outside as long as the temperature, combined with wind-chill, is warmer than -27C.  Students are asked to be dressed appropriately for the weather when they are on post.

Patrol Schedules

There are currently 2 patrol squads and they alternate every 2 weeks.

Training and Extra information

Patrols have all been trained in school. Please feel free to find additional information at the CAA School Safety Patrol Site​

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Patrol Supervisor - Jennifer Kasprick ( β€‹