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Arthur E. Wright
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Learn to Skate
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We are excited to welcome your child to the SOSD Learn to Skate program! Please review the following items for your information.

Program Overview
• Basic skating skill review and development including balance, pushing, gliding, turning and stopping. 
• The program consists of 9 or 10 lessons per classroom. 
• Sessions take place at the Maples Multiplex. 
• The program occurs during school hours and students will be bussed to and from the arena. There is no fee for this program. 
​• Skates and helmets with cages are provided. Students must bring their own gloves, as well as a toque or hoodie to wear under the helmet. Along with the arena staff, we have developed several safety protocols:​
➢ Students must wear a (small) toque or hood under their helmet, and gloves or mittens.
➢ Cages on helmets will be sanitized by the skating staff after each use.
 ➢ Students are encouraged to bring their own skates (stored safely) and helmets when possible. 
➢ Parents are welcome to attend and may volunteer to tie skates. 

Thank you for your support.