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Apr 21, 2024
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Balanced Day
​​Several schools across Seven Oaks School Division have been successfully using the Balanced School Day approach over the last ten years. Amber Trails has been given the approval from the province of Manitoba and the school board of Seven Oaks to launch the balanced school day schedule when we begin the school year in January.

What is the difference between a traditional school schedule and a balanced school day schedule?

    • The start and end of the day does not change. It is simply how and when breaks are taken to allow for greater physical activity and more balanced nutrition.
    • There are three 100 minute blocks of instructional time
    • There are two wellness breaks; two longer breaks instead of two short breaks and one long break.
        • One 40 minute break -The first break:   10:45am-11:25am
        • One 50 minute break –The second break:   12:55pm-1:45pm

What are the advantages of the balanced school day?

    • There is greater opportunity for balanced nutrition and physical activity.
    • This approach maximizes teacher-student contact time. There are longer blocks of classroom time and not as many disruptions.
    • Less transitions for children- an extended period of play rather than spending time dressing and undressing in the winter months.
    • Greater flexibility in scheduling for Music, PE and collegial learning groups.

What will we need to pay attention to as we move forward?

    • We will need to teach our children and families about how to pack food that can be divided and eaten between two nutrition breaks.
    • Families counting on siblings walking Kindergarten children home  at lunch or dropping off in the afternoon.
Please do not hesitate to call the Amber Trails office if you have any questions about the implementation of the balanced school day. 204-697-5965.