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Amber Trails
Community School
Dec 02, 2023
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How will Amber Trails Community School touch the lives of the children here today and for generations of children in the future? How will the education they receive here shape their lives and change the world we live in...if we truly believe that education has the power to do just that. 

We ask ourselves this one question as we stand looking out on that wide open horizon?  What are our deepest hopes for our children and what qualities do we dream they will hold as educated people in this world?

Will children discover their own strengths, gifts and passions? Will they know that there are many ways to be "smart"?

Will they learn to live in ways that sustain our planet?

In a time when the spotlight has shone on Manitoba in the news, can we dream of children whose hearts and minds truly understand and embrace difference and grow up to seeing our diversity is our greatest strength rather than a deficit.

In a time when society encourages "what do I get?" thinking, will our children be able to recognize their own privilege and ask "what can I give?" instead, to build a more equitable society?

This is the dream, the hope, the path we journey on with children at Amber Trails.  An education that grows goodness in our children.

 - from A.T. Grand Opening Speech by Ms. Lorelei Bunkowsky, Principal of Amber Trails Community School