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Amber Trails
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Mar 24, 2023
School Day 4
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LEED'ing Sustainability

​What is LEED?

Buildings generate up to 35 per cent of all greenhouse gases, 35 per cent of landfill waste comes from construction and demolition activities, and 80 per cent of all water is consumed in and around buildings. It’s clear that making buildings greener can have a significant impact on larger environmental goals.
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a rating system that is recognized as the international mark of excellence for green building in 150 countries. Since 2002, the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) and LEED Canada have been redefining the buildings and communities where Canadians live, work and learn.  *taken from
Amber Trails Community School: The Building That Teaches and Leads by Example
We often say in education that we must lead by example with our words and our actions.  However, how much as we lead we are often limited by our surrounding environment.  Amber Trails Community School is built with care, consideration, and knowledge around sustainability issues.  A building that is designed to reduce our energy consumption for years to come.  Educating our children towards sustainability living is as important as providing them a learning space in which it exemplifies those values. It is our goal to educate our children and community to teach them the various design decisions that make up Amber Trails School.