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École Belmont
Jun 17, 2024
School Day 1
No School Today

Each fall we review our school safety plans/emergency response plans with students and staff. Safety plans are developed around a number of emergency situations, and we want everyone to feel comfortable, confident and prepared in the unlikely event that an emergency should arise. Plans are developed and practiced over the following situations:

    • Fire…students practice Fire Drills at least 10 times over the course of the year. Students and staff practice safe evacuation from their classroom as well as other rooms and we are able to have the school cleared in a short length of time.
    • School Evacuation…in the unlikely event that we would need to leave the school, our evacuation destination is Forest Park School located at 130 Forest Park Drive. All phone numbers, emergency contacts, and Health Care Plans are taken along, and if we need to evacuate, parents/guardians would be informed immediately. Our alternate evacuation destination is Victory School located at 395 Jefferson Avenue.
    • Severe weather… classes and staff practice going to a safe area in the building, away from windows and doors in the unlikely event of a tornado.
    • Lock Down… this is highly unlikely, but we practice having children being in classroom areas with their teachers with doors secured.
    • Health Care Plans…all students with special health needs have a Health Care Plan developed by our Divisional Nurse. This plan is reviewed with staff, and when necessary, includes specific emergency procedures for the student.

If you have any questions, please contact the school at 204-338-7893.