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École Seven Oaks Middle School
Apr 21, 2024
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About Us

​​​École Seven Oaks Middle School is a Grade 6 - 8 dual track school that serves our students in both the English and French Immersion streams.  We have a student population of approximately 425 students and 50 staff members. Our school day begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m.  However some clubs and committees and most teams meet outside of these regular school hours.   

We are a school that endeavors to have all of our students fully engaged in their education.  Thriving music, athletic, artistic and social justice programming compliments our academic programming at ÉSOMS.

Over 300 students study in our Music Progams which include concert bands, jazz bands, ensembles, choirs, jazz choirs and a classroom based fiddling program.  Further to this, about 130 students participate in the school's annual spring Dramatic Production.

More than two thirds of our students are involved in extra-curricular Athletics at ÉSOMS.  Students compete within the school, across the Division and throughout the city in the areas of Volleyball, Basketball, Cross Country, Track and Field, Badminton and Softball. Each day our gym is open at lunch for grade-level intramural physical activity programming.

TAS - Technology, Arts and Sports Programming. For the 4 morning periods once per cycle, students participate in our TAS program.  TAS is scheduled into three terms (Fall, Winter, Spring).  Students attend TAS as follows: (Day 1 - Grade 7) (Day 4 - Grade 6) (Day 5 - Grade 8). Bussing is provided for all students who attend classes that are not located in ÉSOMS.