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École Seven Oaks Middle School
May 28, 2024
School Day 5
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Music Programs at ESOMS

​​Music making at ESOMS is all about community. Students are encouraged to try out many music making opportunities to enrich their learning.

BAND - There are three grade-level concert bands (grade 6, grade 7, grade 8) which students can participate in. These classes occur during the school day during four scheduled classes.

JAZZ BAND - There are 4 grade-level jazz bands practicing and performing together this year.

CHOIRChoirs rehearse twice per cycle. Students in choir will sing a variety of music, and will expand their music-making skills by learning how to make music as members of a community. 

VOCAL JAZZ - Vocal Jazz groups SO Vocal and HAWKapella practice and perform throughout the school year.

FIDDLE  - There are a variety of opportunities for students to learn and enjoy fiddle music.  Each ESOMS classroom receives one period of fiddle instruction each school day cycle.

INCREDIBOWS - A group of fiddling performers in grades seven and eight, who practice and perform together. Grade six fiddle students at a more advanced level may be invited to join Incredibows in the third term of the school year. This group will meet twice during each school cycle.  Contact Mr. Gahungo for further information or visit our page.​