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Dec 09, 2019
School Day 2
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Grad Gown

How do I get my Graduation Gown ordered?

On the Graduation bulletin board you will see a sign up sheet for your graduation gown for the ceremony on June 23rd.

Gowns are free of charge for students. Please bring a piece of ID to exchange for your gown. When you gown is returned after the ceremony, your ID is returned to you.

If you are a student who has completed 7 for the MSD or 30 for the RHSD required credits and taken at least one of those with us at the Seven Oaks Adult Learning Centre this past school year AND you want to go through the ceremony on June 23rd please sign up now.

Note: When you are deciding what gown size to pick please take your height and add on the height of the heels on the shoes you will wear that night to determine which gown to choose. For example, I am 5 feet 8 inches tall and would probably wear heels that are 2 inches tall so I would look for the 5’ 10" gown to check off on the list by my name.