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711 Jefferson Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R2V 0P7| (204) 339-2058| (204) 334-7252
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Garden City Collegiate
Feb 07, 2016
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GCC Hockey Academy

Leave of Absence Form.pdf
Assessment Schedule 1st Semester - January 2016.pdf
Student Health Needs (URIS).pdf
Report To The Community June 2015.pdf
Welcome Back Letter 2015-2016.pdf
Newcomer to Canada Info 2015-2016.pdf
Scholarship Criteria - June 2015.pdf
Handbook - Grade 9  2015-2016 pdf.pdf
Handbook Grade 10 to 12  2015-2016 pdf.pdf
Provincial Report Card Letter to Parents.pdf
Seven Oaks Newsletter Feb 2015  final.pdf
Post-secondary Requirements - Parent Council 2015.pdf
Student Accident Insurance Information.pdf
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Garden City Collegiate

711 Jefferson Avenue,
Winnipeg, MB, R2V 0P7
(204) 334-7252
7Oaks School Division