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Oct 22, 2018
School Day 4
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Parent Committees

​​​​​​We strongly encourage parents to volunteer in one (or more) committees to ensure the safety and success of the Grad Dinner and Dance. Thank you!


 Parent Dinner/Dance Committee Responsibilities

Door Committee

Pre-Grad Event
  1. Schedule workers for the door and casino.
  2. Make lists of students attending the dinner 1 week before.  Place these lists in binders for each van and for the door.
  3. Decide who will stand by the exits and washrooms throughout the evening.
Dinner and Dance
  1. Check the grads in and out of the dinner and guard against people without tickets.
  2. Ensure that the grads get rides home by their parents.
  3. Put wrist bands on grads and dates.  THEY NEED PICTURE ID!
  4. Phone home when necessary.
      • Ensure no one enters the dance who doesn’t belong.
      • No grads or guests will drive home.
      • No one will be allowed to leave on their own accord by taxi, friend or relative unless indicated on the door forms 

Chauffeuring Committee

Pre-Grad Event
  1. Secure 2 vans.
  2. Secure cleanup kit for each van (pail, paper towels, vinegar or other agent).
  3. Secure parking spots for chauffeurs.
Dinner and Dance
  1. Drive grads home throughout the evening if it is an emergency. 
  2. ​​Make sure that they go inside the house and have a parent/guardian sign a release form.
  3. All grads and their guests are to go to the home of the grad indicated on the form.

Medical Committee

Pre-Grad Event
  1. Secure accident forms from office and include in medical kit
  2. Secure and replenish medical kit
  3. Secure a time out or sick room for dinner
  4. Train volunteers for emergencies
Dinner and Dance
  1. Check washrooms and dance areas for ill students
  2. Care for sick, call home if necessary
  3. Fill out incident reports
  4. Clean up if necessary

Donations Committee

Pre-Grad Event
  1. Secure donations of money, gifts via letter or phone calls for:
      • Prizes to be awarded at the dinner and dance
  2. Display and package the gifts to be given away
  3. Thank-you notes to donators
Dinner and Dance
  1. Set-up and organize the distribution of prizes at dance

Hospitality Committee

Dinner and Dance
  1. Organize, set-up, maintain and clean-up grad’s snack area and the hospitality room
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