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1330 Jefferson Ave., Room 234 (Second Floor, Seaford Wing), Winnipeg, MB, R2P 1L3| Phone: 204.632.6641|
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Maples Met School
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May 26, 2017
School Day 6
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Matt Henderson
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Matt Henderson has a passion for creating educative experiences for students and using their experiences as a means for transformation. With the understanding that Education is meant to create agent​s for social change, Matt is fascinated by the relationship between experience, ecological literacy, and systems thinking. He has taught grades 5 to 12 in both French and English and enjoys teaching the humanities, math, and science.



Twitter: @henderson204

Will Burton
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Hi folks,
If you’re here and taken the time to click on Will’s profile, you’ve probably never met him. Well, he’s hoping that you’ll take the time to get to know him in person, but in the meantime, here are a few questions you may have about him:


Sopear Chhin

Sopear Chhin.jpg 

​I am truly honoured to be joining the Maples MET community in September. I am excited to take my passion for education into learning spaces where students can cultivate their interests and work within a school culture that will empower and transform them.

Along with teaching physical education/health, Indigenous perspectives and leadership these past nine years at Maples Collegiate, I also recently completed my Masters degree that focused on cultural relevant education set within physical education and health settings.


Michelle Dombek

I am incredibly excited to join the Maples MET School team! My passion for mathematics, building community, creating relevant learning experiences, and love of learning has been the driving forces in my middle years classroom over the last five and a half years. I am excited to blend my love of building community with the challenge of mentoring my advisory group for their high school career.



Sara Germain

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​Sara Germain's teaching experience for the last number of years has been focused in a tiny rural First Nations community nestled the coastal rain forest of British Columbia. Throughout her career, she's taught many subject areas in the sciences, maths and humanities from grade 6-12. One of her main passions in education lies in exploring the sciences through experiential learning and connecting big ideas to the examination of universal questions humans have asked throughout time.

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Maples Met School

1330 Jefferson Ave., Room 234 (Second Floor, Seaford Wing),
Winnipeg, MB, R2P 1L3
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