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1330 Jefferson Ave., Room 234 (Second Floor, Seaford Wing), Winnipeg, MB, R2P 1L3| Phone: 204.632.6641|
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Maples Met School
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Dec 09, 2019
School Day 2
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Staff Directory

Ben Carr


Phone: 204-632-6641  ext. 67001

Ben Carr is the Principal of the Maples Met High School in Winnipeg - a Big Picture Learning School that takes a unique approach to education, by centering learning around the student's interests. 

Prior to taking over this new role in January 2019, Ben was a Divisional Principal at the Board Office in Seven Oaks School Division, working on post-secondary programming within Seven Oaks, as well as community engagement initiatives around Indigenous education and support for families and community members living with challenging socioeconomic situations.

From 2016-2018, Ben served as the Director of Parliamentary Affairs to the Minister of Canadian Heritage in Ottawa. He has spent several years working within government at the Federal level.

Before getting back into Government in 2016, Ben was a teacher at Kelvin High School and Head Coach of the Junior Varsity Football Team.

Ben is a big animal lover, and enjoys travel, sports, and music, in particular, his musical hero, Paul Simon, who he has seen around the world 15 times.

Emma Gehrs-Whyte

Grade 10 Advisor

Phone: 204-632-6641 ext. 67235

Areas of research and interest: Emma is a recent graduate of the Université de Saint-Boniface. She loves to discuss big questions and ideas, and delights in exploring life in all its complexities through the lenses of mathematics, science, language, literature and musical theatre. She also enjoys connecting with nature, riding her bicycle in all seasons and swimming, hiking and paddling as much as possible. Emma places a high value on building and maintaining strong community relationships and is very much looking forward to sharing the adventure of her first year at the Maples Met School with the students in her advisory.


Brian Clement

Grade 9 Advisor

Phone: 204-632-6641  ext. 67242

Areas of interest and research: Brian loves Mathematics and technology. He loves tweaking the experiences he creates for learners and sharing his excitement about Math. Brian is also a huge believer in reflection and sees this practice as means for continuous and rigorous learning. 


Will Burton
Will Burton.jpg 

Grade 12 Advisor

Phone: 204-632-6641  ext. 67242

Areas of interest and research: Will is passionate about environmental education and cultivating eco literacy in students. This manifests itself in him developing outdoor experiences, projects and extra-curricular learning that revolve around issues such as nutrition, farming, active transportation, consumption, knowledge of systems thinking, and encouraging students to see themselves as agents of change in their community.


Luke Taronno

Sopear Chhin.jpg ​

Grade 10 Advisor

Phone: 204-632-6641  ext. 67238

Areas of interest and research: My name is Luke Taronno, I am a first year Met advisor and a second year teacher. I am looking forwards to my new role as an advisor and working at a great place like The Maples Met School. This role will be very different from the one I am coming from. This past year I was a woodworking teacher at West Kildonan Collegiate. I had around 200 students last year and I knew all of their names! Hopefully this year it won’t take me as long to learn who everyone is. I am passionate about building relationships and figuring out what makes people tick. With our dedicated group of advisors, I know this upcoming year will be great! I am ready to work, I want to learn, and I’m going to have fun while I do it.​ 


Jason Neufeld


Grade 11 Advisor

Phone: 204-632-6641  ext. 67239

Areas of interest and research: Jason Neufeld has spent portions of the last four years working alongside Indigenous communites conducting oral history research with a focus on Aboriginal title and land use.  His primary areas of study, and ongoing research interests are Indigenous-settler relations in the Americas and global political economy.  The first two years of his educational career have focused on extending his understanding of community supports and building relationships with students and families beyond the classroom.​


Sara Germain

Sara Germain.jpg 

Grade 12 Advisor

Phone: 204-632-6641  ext. 67233

Areas of interest and research: Sara's passion lies in examining the natural world and the big questions that arise from this practice. Her research interests currently focus on designing authentic learning experiences expressed through projects, field trips and classroom community learning that ignite student passion and rigour.  Sara also loves leg wrestling and up for a challenge anytime, anywhere.


Gurveer Turka

Gurveer picture copy 2.jpg

Grade 11 Advisor

Phone: 204-632-6641  ext. 67240

Areas of interest and research:  My first experience learning and working within a Met School took place three years ago when I began my student teaching career. I believe that the experiences students gain through in-class learning and internships based on specific student interests creates invaluable, authentic and meaningful learning to occur. This challenges and invites us teachers to think critically about our practice and create learning opportunities that meet student needs and cultivate students' passions. 


Sonya Morrissette


Grade 9 Advisor

Phone: 204-632-6641  ext. 67241

Areas of interest and research: Through Sonya’s past experience of working with the University of Manitoba’s Rec and Read Mentorship Program, she knows how valuable it is to tap into the strengths and potential of youth to build relationships, knowledge, independence, and generosity. She incorporates Indigenous perspectives in the classroom, and uses the medicine wheel to practice and role model living a balanced lifestyle through a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. Sonya has always excelled through hands-on learning and is passionate about running, making music, gardening, biking, rock-climbing, cooking, reading, and camping. She sees herself as a life-long learner, and is excited to continue her learning journey with the Maples Met School.​​