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Maples Met School
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Jan 20, 2020
School Day 4
No School Today
In 2017/18, our faculty has become involved in a conceptual analysis of experience. Our journey has included re-reading John Dewey's "Experience and Education", reading Jay Robert's "Beyond Leanring by Doing", and speaking with both Roberts and UBC's Claudia Ruitenberg.

Here, Will, one of our advisors, reflects on Dewey and his own practice.
In this podcast, Matt responds to Ryan's (a teacher at Maples Collegiate) questions about innovation, teaching, learning, and the Met.
A new take on Romeo and Juliet!
In December of 2016, Big Picture leaders came together at the Met Sacremento to talk about Courage, Conviction, and Community. All leaders were asked to talk about the direction of their schools.
In this podcast, our Divisional elders share their experience about the barriers indigenous learners face in our schools.