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25 Morrison Street, Winnipeg, MB, R2V 3B3| Phone: (204) 338-7804| Fax: (204) 339-0540
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Школа R.F. Morrison School
Oct 20, 2018
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R.F. Morrison School

R.F. Morrison School 

Phone: (204) 338-7804


Fax: (204) 339-0540


 25 Morrison Street
Winnipeg, MB
R2V 3B3
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Grades: K-5 E: K-6 U
Languages: English, Ukrainian
Principal: Andrew Volk
Vice Principal: Amber Anderson

R. F. Morrison School is located in the heart of the Garden City area of the Seven Oaks School Division. It is an English-Ukrainian Bilingual School providing instruction in English at the K-5 levels and Ukrainian at K-6. The school is designed to provide wheelchair access. Students from across the Seven Oaks School Division who enroll in the Ukrainian English Bilingual Program, designate R. F. Morrison as their catchment school and are bussed from any part of the Division to the school.
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Школа R.F. Morrison School

25 Morrison Street,
Winnipeg, MB, R2V 3B3
Fax: (204) 339-0540