What is the Enrolment and Class Structure?

How big is the Met School?

Our projected enrolment is:

Grade 9           2 Classes         30 Students

Grade 10         2 Classes         32 Students

Grade 11         2 Classes         30 Students

Grade 12         2 Classes         22 Students

Our maximum enrollment is 8 classes of 120 students. 

What is an advisory?

An advisory is a class of students and their teacher.  There is a maximum of 15 students per class and each class has one teacher.  This students and their advisor (teacher) stay together for their entire high school program.  The advisory class is a safe, fun, supportive community where individuals respect one another and appreciate the talents and strengths of each other.  Students are expected to be friendly, kind and helpful towards one another as they share in an amazing and unique experience of high school.