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1747 Main Street, Winnipeg, MB, R2V 1Z6| Phone: 204-589-9852|
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Adult Education Centre (1747 Main St.)
Sep 28, 2021
School Day 4
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Staff Directory

​​​​Meet the AEC Staff

The staff at Adult Education Centre works hard to make your experience a positive and rewarding one. If you have a question for a specific member of our team, please use the email listings found on this page.


​Sherri Denysuik,​
​Sheryl Twardoski, Student
Kayce Funk, Administrative Assistant &
Wellness Facilitator
Bev Rosas-Leon,
Essential Math 30S
Essential Math 40S
Applied Business Tech 40S
​Brenda Parr, Instructor
​​Basic English
Basic Math
​Christine Grosshans, Instructor
​David La, Instructor
English 30S
English 40S Comprehensive
English 40S Transactional
​Dion Palumbo, Instructor
​Chemistry 30S
Biology 40S
Jacob Carson, Instructor​ & English Tutor English 40S Comprehensive
English 40S Transactional
English 30S
Law 40S
Psychology 40S
​Janaya Koberstein, Instructor & Math Applied Math 40S​

​Joe Davis, Instructor ​Basic Math
​Joel Boyce, Instructor
​Physics 30S & 40S
Linda Guest, Instructor​

​Louise Budworth, Instructor​
​Pre-Calc 30S & 40S
​Nancy Cosby, Instructor Cinema as Witness to Modern History 40S
Biology 40S
Career Development 40S
Global Issues 40S
​Reina Younka, Instructor​
English 30S 
​English 40S Tech
Topics in First Nations 40S
World Religion 40S