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1747 Main Street, Winnipeg, MB, R2V 1Z6| Phone: 204-589-9852| Fax: 204-336-2751
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Adult Education Centre (1747 Main St.)
Apr 21, 2024
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Frequently Asked Questions

​​​Find answers to questions commonly asked by learners of the Adult Education Centre. If you need more information, we encourage you to check out our Student Services and Resources pages. If you have additional questions, submit them through our convenient contact form or give us a call.


What is the registration process?

Contact the school to check for our walk-in hours at 204‑589-9852. Provide transcripts of previous education, if possible. Most new learners will need to write an assessment of skills in mathematics and English to help placement at the appropriate grade level. The assessment process will take approximately one (1) hour.


Is the diploma recognized?

Yes; The 8-credit Mature High School Diploma is recognized as an equivalent to the 30-credit Manitoba High School Diploma. 

Why do adults pursue their high school diploma?

  • Personal satisfaction
  • Serve as a role model for their children
  • To increase employment opportunities
  • To prepare for additional training programs
  • For advancement in current employment
  • For general upgrading or academic development


Why do people choose AEC?

  • The convenient location
  • Flexible scheduling
  • One-on-one assistance
  • Qualified, caring, and competent teachers
  • Good course selection
  • Comfortable learning environment


What is the method of instruction?

  • Classroom-based instruction for all academic courses, with the option of Independent Study for 7 elective courses​

  • Emphasis on active learning

  • Individualized timetables


What do the courses cost?

AEC has no tuition or registration fees. Students must be Canadian citizens, landed immigrants or permanent residents.


How do I get my transcript from past schooling?

Contact the school where you last earned credits or get your transcript from Manitoba Education. Manitoba Education charges a small fee for this service.


What courses do I need in order to graduate with a Mature Adult Diploma?

  • Math and English at the 40S level (compulsory)
  • 2 other 40S or 41G level courses (three if planning to attend university)
  • 4 additional credits at the 10, 20, 30 or 40 levels