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Adult Education Centre (1747 Main St.)
Mar 03, 2024
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​​Our Courses Will Prepare You for Future Success

Are you looking to increase your employment opportunities or need a high school diploma to continue with your post-secondary education? The courses at the Adult Education Centre in Winnipeg will prepare you for a future of success. Through our initial assessment, we will place you at the appropriate grade level to ensure you have a positive and rewarding experience. From foundations in English and mathematics to more specialized subjects like physics and chemistry, we offer a range of courses to meet your unique needs.

To learn more about the available courses in each subject area, please select from the list below:

​Mature Student Diploma Requirements

  • 4 Grade 12 Credits must be obtained including math at the 40S level (mandatory) and English at the 40S level (mandatory)
  • 4 additional credits must be obtained from any Grade 9-12 course

*Note: If you plan to attend University, a total of 5 Grade 12 credits are required.

One of your additional credits must be at the 40S level.


Grade 12 Credits

(Prerequisite listed in parentheses)

  • Pre-Calculus 40S (Pre-Calculus 30S)
  • Applied Math 40S (Applied Math 30S or Core Math 31G)
  • Essential Math 40S (Essential Math 30S)
  • English 40S
    • Comprehensive (English 30S)
    • Transactional (English 30s)
  • Physics 40S (Physics 30S)
  • Chemistry 40S (Chemistry 30S)
  • Biology 40S (Minimum Grade 10)
  • Applied Business Technologies 40S (Minimum Grade 10)
  • Cinema as a Witness to Modern History 40S (Minimum Grade 10) Not offered every semester
  • Global Issues 40S (Minimum Grade 10) Not offered every semester
  • Psychology 40S (Minimum Grade 10)
  • Law 40S (Minimum Grade 10) Not offered every semester
  • Life / Work Transitioning 40S (Minimum Grade 10) Please discuss with the Director


Grade 11 Credits

(Prerequisite listed in parentheses)

  • English 30S (English 20F)
  • Pre-Calculus 30S (Math 20S – testing required)
  • Core Math 31G (Math 20S – testing required)
  • Essential Math 30S (Math 20S)
  • Physics 30S (Applied Math 30S / Core Math 31G)
  • Chemistry 30S (Applied Math 30S / Core Math 31G)

Grade 9 Credits

  • Foundations in English 
  • Foundations in Math