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1747 Main Street, Winnipeg, MB, R2V 1Z6| Phone: 204-589-9852| Fax: 204-336-2751
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Adult Education Centre (1747 Main St.)
Mar 03, 2024
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Benefits of AEC

Why Choose Adult Education Centres in Winnipeg?

There are many benefits to attending Adult Education Centres. If you are thinking about enrolling, read why choosing AEC is a smart decision.


Graduates from Our Program Enjoy the Following Benefits:

  • Improved opportunities to apply to post-secondary institutions for further education and/or training
  • Increased opportunities to apply for employment positions where grade 12 is a prerequisite
  • Increased opportunities for promotion
  • Increased feeling of self-worth for having completed an important benchmark of our society
  • A greater ability to cope with day-to-day tasks that require math, English, research skills, communication skills, teamwork skills, etc.
  • An enhancement of their position as role models for their families and friends


Scheduling Options:

  • Morning, afternoon and evening classes
  • Courses are offered on the semester system requiring attendance of two days per week
  • Learners can switch between the morning and the evening class in some courses
  • Heavy homework courses are timetabled with lighter homework courses
  • Trimester courses are offered from Monday – Thursday but completed in a shorter time span


Top 7 Reasons Students Attend AEC:

  • AEC’s location
  • Students do not need to pay fees or tuition
  • A friend or family member recommended AEC
  • The schedule provides flexibility, including evening courses
  • AEC offers a variety of useful course selections
  • The centre has a good reputation in the community
  • Students feel safe here


These responses have been collected from hundreds of students in our school-wide surveys done every April and November. If you are thinking about becoming a student, learn what to expect in the registration process.