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Adult Education Centre (1747 Main St.)
Student Services

​Student Services Offered at AEC

At the Adult Education Centre, we understand that going back to school is a big step in your life. We are here to help by providing the information and support you need. Learn more about the student services we offer on this page and contact us if you need more information. We encourage you to check out our Resources and FAQ pages.

Course Registration

Registration involves meeting with a staff member and discussing your previous education, when you last attended school and what your plans are for the future. You will also write assessments for mathematics and English. Learn more about the registration process.

Transfer of Credits

Learners wishing to transfer credits from other institutions must provide AEC with a transcript of marks. Learners wishing to graduate in June should have transcripts to the administration office no later than January 15 of that school year. Receipt of transcripts after this date could result in a delay of the learner’s graduation date.

Additional Help and Support

Learners who experience difficulty in their courses can receive extra help from their classroom teacher or from our English and math/science tutors.

Education Planning

Learners can ask for and receive assistance in developing and formalizing their future educational plans. Assistance is provided in identifying resources and post-secondary programs. For financial assistance to help realize your post-secondary educational goals, please visit our Resources page for a list of websites publishing information about awards, bursaries and financial aid.

Employment Opportunities Postings

Employment opportunities within the North End and surrounding communities are regularly posted.

Program Referrals

AEC maintains a database of programs that exist within the City of Winnipeg. We make regular referrals to these programs.

​Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Learners who come to our program with proof of prior learning (such as volunteer or work experience or credit from other institutions) are able to apply for a prior learning credit. The evaluation and eventual granting of the credit is done through the administration office. Learners wishing to take advantage of this option can make arrangements for an assessment through the administration office.