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Dec 01, 2020
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Internet Safety - Momo Challenge - *Additional Info Added*

February 28, 2019

​Seven Oaks School Division would like to make parents/guardians aware of a self-harm video on the internet that pops up in the middle of popular children’s online searches, such as YouTube or WhatsApp. 

These challenges appear mid-way through videos with an alarming image and challenges of self harm and suicide. We are encouraging parents/guardians to be vigilant in monitoring their child’s online activity. Each of the major platforms are aware and making efforts to shut it down. 

Our teachers are also aware of the issue and are being vigilant in the classroom when students are doing online work.
Click here for a parent/guardian fact sheet with helpful information.
Click here for "what parents need to know".
Click here to view the CBS News report.
Click here to view the letter that was sent home.