Our Grade 8 team is fundraising for the Grade 8 Farewell in June. For this fundraiser we will be selling bags of frozen white cheddar perogies from Naleway Catering. 

The fundraiser will open starting today, Monday, February 26th and will close Friday, March 8th. Ordered items are expected to be delivered to our school on March 21st for you to pick up. 

A bag of 3 dozen white cheddar perogies is $12.00.

To place an order simply send exact cash or a cheque made out to H.C. Avery Middle School with your child, including the form below to their classroom teacher indicating the number of bags you wish to purchase. We appreciate your support!

When ordering, please make sure to place orders under the student's name for delivery at the school as we call down students to come pick up their orders when it arrives.


H.C. Avery Middle School Grade 8 Team


Naleway Perogy Fundraiser Order Form       ORDERS DUE: Friday, March 8/24                         PICK UP: Thursday, March 21/24


Student name: ________________Teacher name: ________________

Contact ph#1: _________________ ph#2: ____________________


Total bags ordered:                          Total amount owing: _______________                          

  • Please provide number(s) above at which you are available on the date of perogy pick up
  • Potato and Cheddar Perogies, 3 dozen per bag
  • $12 per bag
  • Orders payable by cash or cheque, please make cheques payable to HC Avery School