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H.C. Avery
Jun 15, 2024
No School Today

Welcome to H.C. Avery Volleyball Season!

Numerous players have indicated their interest in playing extra-curricular Volleyball this season. All of our teams will be participating in the school division’s league games and tournaments. 

Emphasis will be on skill development AND FUN. J


Attendance, co-operation and a willingness to learn are the main requirements.

  1. Uniforms will be school t-shirts and shorts. Runners are mandatory. A regular t-shirt is acceptable for practices.
  2. Practice times: See calander.
  3. Games: See calander
  4. Having children involved in a sport is one more way parents can be involved directly in their child’s learning. We encourage your attendance at all games. Transportation to the games will be by school bus. Return transportation from the games will be the parents’ responsibility. Carpooling is encouraged if there are difficulties with work schedules.
  5. School t-shirts are $10.00 and can be purchased at the office.
  6. Please make sure your child shows you all communication about practices, games, and tournaments.


We look forward to seeing you at the games.