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H.C. Avery
May 18, 2022
School Day 1
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H.C. Avery Middle School Library

​​Library Catalogue β€‹

​The H.C. Avery Middle School Library houses over 7000 titles including books, magazines, teacher resources, audio/visual equipment, and reference materials. β€‹

The Library Technician consults with teachers to provide them with additional instructional materials. Through literature appreciation, she promotes the joy of reading. As well, she collaborates with teachers to assist students with research projects. Students learn about finding, selecting, and using information from a variety of sources; books, magazines, and CDs. In the Library, there is a pod of five computers which are connected to the Internet, adding yet another source of infor​ma​tion for students.​​​

Have a title to suggest or a question?  Contact the Library Technician by clicking here:​​