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H.C. Avery
Jun 15, 2024
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Physical Education

We are a school in motion.  This allows students to be involved in physical activity every day, either during the day or in extracurricular ways.  Students receive 5-40 min. periods of P.E. per cycle taught by a Phys. Ed. Specialist.

The Physical Education Program is committed to providing opportunities for all students to develop the skills, attitudes & knowledge needed to participate in an active healthy lifestyle.

The Physical Education program emphasizes the development of basic skills in a variety of individual and team sports which are progressively built up over the years. There is also great importance given to participation by all, sportsmanship and the development of an appreciation for the importance of physical well being. Our extra-curricular calendar is full of a wide range of activities geared for individual grade levels. Before school and noon-hour activities are generally structured for students according to grade level. Our inter-school teams compete in cross country, volleyball, basketball, badminton and track and field.