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H.C. Avery
Jun 19, 2024
School Day 3
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GRADES 6, 7, AND 8

The compulsory subjects in these grades include English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Basic French, Art, Physical Education, Health, and Technology, Arts, and Sports. All students must choose one option class - Band or Exploratory at the grade 6, grade 7, or grade 8 level. Please note that once students have chosen that option, they are committed to those options for the entire year. In grade 7 and 8, students may also choose to take either the Hebrew or Ukrainian option courses offered at Avery. The prerequisite to either of these programs is completion of the bilingual programs offered from Kindergarten to grade 6 or a demonstrated proficiency in reading, writing, and comprehension in these languages.


Exploratory classes are regularly scheduled curriculum experiences designed to help students discover and/or experience learning related to their interests, changing needs, and aptitudes. Middle level students will be offered a variety of projects through the use of computers, problem solving, drama, crafts, fine arts, newspaper, study skills, and others.


Our computer lab allows students to integrate technology into the curriculum. Students learn to use computers as tools in their daily studies. Some activities students have done in the past include constructing web pages, typing, word processing, research skills, spreadsheets and the use of multimedia resources. Students publish to a school intranet site and work with educational programs in many subject areas. Our computer lab has 29 computer stations on-line, as well as video editing capability.

H. C. Avery has a modern teaching computer lab with both Dell and Apple products. These computers are networked and used by subject teachers, as well as in the option courses. The new school library and resource rooms also have banks of networked computers for student use. Avery also has the technology and equipment to support all types of multi-media presentations.


The school provides a monthly newsletter distributed by email or print and posted to our website. Teachers also communicate to parents using email, notes home and by telephone.