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École Seven Oaks Middle School
Feb 21, 2024
School Day 2
No School Today



All choirs rehearse twice per cycle. In order to help all students make a positive contribution to our choir​, we ask that each student makes a commitment to attend all rehearsals. Please make note of our rehearsal times to make sure you always know when and where to be. 

​6 Choir


Rehearsal Times

Day 1 @ Lunch

Day 4, Period 6

​Listening Links​

7/8 Choir


Rehearsal Times

​Day 3 @ Lunch

Day 6, Period 3

Listening Links

Listen to "I Ask for One Day" here:



Click on our calendar for important dates!




Feel free to contact me at:

Katy Abraham
ESOMS: 204-586-0327

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