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Welcome to the Leila North Band Program


Welcome to band at Ecole Leila North!  Our school has a long and strong history of band, 27 years and counting!  We have three concerts bands: grade 6 (beginner), grade 7 (intermediate), and grade 8 (advanced), with each group having band 4 times a cycle for 40 minutes per class.


​ ​How do I get into band?

Upon entering grade 6 at Leila North, students are given the choice to join band where they will have the opportunity to play one of the four basic band instruments: flute, clarinet, trumpet, or trombone.  Students learn the basics of their instrument such as: clear sound production, how to read music (no previous experience is required), and how to make music in both large and small groups.  What do you need to be in band? Simple. An interest in learning an instrument.  That's it!   Early in September, students come to an evening of learning the basics of their specific instrument, called First Lesson Night.  Students leave that evening ready for their first official band class where they are with the rest of the their classmates on the other instruments.  It's an incredible evening of learning and sets the students up for great band success!

​How much does it cost?

Here in the Seven Oaks School Division, band is free.  There is no cost for any instrument whether it's a small flute or a large tuba.  If you play a larger instrument like the euphonium or tuba, you are provided with an instrument for at home as well as one to use at school and all that you have to do is bring your mouthpiece to school and back home.  The method book (textbook) and all sheet music is also provided at no cost.  Some of the instruments require reeds and students are provided with a basic set of reeds each September, and after that they can purchase a pack of 5 at a discounted price when needed.  Brass instruments require valve oil and slide grease and each student gets this supply at the beginning of each year.  Trombones will also receive slide cream and a spray bottle as a part of their supplies.  

Part way through grade 6, students will also have the opportunity to participate in the percussion section when the music that we are playing requires it, after demonstrating strong rhythm reading.  Grade 7 and 8 students will also have the opportunity to try the bass clarinet and the alto and tenor saxophone if they currently play the flute or clarinet.



​ ​Are there concerts?

Each musical group at Ecole Leila North performs in a variety of concerts each year.  Grade 6-8 band students will have a winter concert in late January and then a spring concert in late spring (May or June).  Many of their concerts will be held at the Seven Oaks Performing Arts Centre (SOPAC), the incredible new theatre in Garden City Collegiate.  Grade 7 and 8 band will also have the opportunity to perform at events such as: Tuba Christmas, Solo and Ensemble Festival, and the Level One Band Festival.  As well, in spring of 2019, bands will have the opportunity to perform at the 10th annual Seven Oaks Arts in the Park at Kildonan Park! 

​ ​What will the homework be?

When learning any new skill, it is important to spend time working on the basics until they are confident and secure.  The band room is open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings from 8-8:45am for students to practice and get some extra coaching, as well as over some lunch hours (posted outside the band room).  There will also be sectional time for each instrument grouping over some lunch hours such as on a certain day it will be flutes at lunch, then the next day it would be clarinets, etc.  A calendar showing the sectional days will be posted outside of the band room at the beginning of each month.  Attendance at these sectional times is highly encouraged and is very beneficial to the individual player for they learn their music together with classmates that play the same instrument.

Grade 6 students are encouraged to spend 10-15 minutes minimum 5 times each week.  This helps solidify their hand position, correct breathing, sound production, and note reading. 

Grade 7 students are encouraged to practice 20-30 minutes each day to learn their scales and any band sheet music that their class is working on. 

Grade 8 students are encouraged to practice 30-40 minutes each day for their scales and any band sheet music that their class is working on.

​ ​How will I be marked?


Participation is key in band.  And through practice, great progress is made.  Students are given a band mark each term based on their progress in note and rhythm reading, sound production, ensemble playing, as well as the musicality of their playing.  By making sure that students are prepared for each of their classes (bringing their instrument and music and having practiced their music either at home or at lunch at school), success is not only possible, but ensured. 

​ ​Are there any other groups to play in?

Besides regular band classes, grade 7 and 8 students will have the opportunity to join Jazz Band in October.  Practices/classes will take place during two lunch hours per cycle (days to be determined).  Traditional jazz instruments such as saxophone, trumpet, trombone, electric guitar, electric bass, keyboard, and drum kit will make up this group.  Flute and clarinet players will have the opportunity to learn saxophone in addition to continuing to play their regular concert band instrument if they wish to join this ensemble.  Attendance at all lunch time practices is required.  There is no report card mark given in this group.

What if my family has questions or concerns?

Families may email me at or call Leila North at 204-694-8071.​ ​

IMG_3892.jpgSo, welcome to band at Ecole Leila North, where there is a place for everyone!

Musically yours,

Ms. Kosheluk
Grade 6-8 Band
Ecole Leila North Community School