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École Leila
North School
Dec 03, 2022
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TAA - Technology and Applied Arts

​​​The TECHNOLOGY AND APPLIED ARTS programs at LEILA NORTH SCHOOL are designed to be exploratory in nature.

Students will participate in three out of six programs offered at each grade level. Programs are designed to develop basic skills and positive attitudes in each area of learning.

Problem solving and career information are also part of our TAA Programs.

See our pamphlet for additional information.


Mr. McFadyen
Mr. McFadyen

The multimedia program offers classes in grades 6, 7, and 8. It focuses on creative projects, teamwork, and problem solving while making connections to other curricular areas.

Students will learn how to use cameras, tripods, green screens, microphones, lighting equipment, and digital editing software. Projects include digital photography, filmmaking, audio recordings, podcasts, digital animation, photography, stop motion animation, website design, and computer programming.

Mrs. Taylor
Mrs. Taylor

Foods and Nutrition: Students in Grade 6 and 7 learn about safety in the kitchen, measuring equipment and techniques, following of recipe methods to prepare cooking projects and proper cleaning techniques. Group cooperation and organization are very important to the success of the projects. Introductory nutrition based on Canada’s Food Guide and healthy food choices are emphasized. Students in Grade 8 prepare recipes to review proper kitchen techniques. Recipes are chosen to reflect regional and global diversity in ingredients. Healthy choices and food related health concerns are emphasized.

Mr. V
Mr. V

Graphics: Graphic Communication will be the study of the many tools, materials and methods employed in the communications industry. Students will be exposed to basic drafting principles, screen printing, poster making, vinyl cutting, Photoshopping and various graphics programs for mac computers.


Mr. Raabe
Mr. Raabe

Woods: The Grades 6 & 8 Woodworking program provides basic information about wood and wood products, selection, safe use and care of hand and power tools. The program is designed to give the students insight into major areas of woodworking and to help students develop competent technical skills for good performance in broad areas of woodworking.

Metals: The Grade 7 Metalworking program provides basic information about metal and metal products. Students will learn the safe use and care of hand and power tools. The program will help students develop technical skills in metalworking.

Ms. Brown
Ms. Brown

Dance: Students will explore different aspects of the performing arts including drama, music, and dance.  This course is multi-level, appropriate for students with varying levels of experience, from beginner to intermediate.  All instruments, costumes, and shoes will be provided.  Gym/ appropriate dance wear may be required. ​

Mr. Fife

Clothing and Textile: The clothing and textiles program offers classes to grade 7 and 8 students. Learners will practice a variety of skills on the sewing machine through the production of quality products. An exploration of textiles and their use in everyday life is a component of this program, with an emphasis on consumerism, sustainability, and design principles. Learners will also receive opportunities to develop hand sewing through interest-based products.

Mr. Tsui

Electronic Music Production: ​ Electronic Music Production teaches the basics of beat-making and digital music composition. Students will learn to create, perform and record their own music using a Digital Audio

​Workstation (DAW). They will learn what the Digital Audio Workstation is and how to incorporate it in their music creation process to finalize a composition. Students will be exposed to loops, song structure and sound design, MIDI, synths and drum programming, sampling and remixing. This course is designed to be appropriate for beginner and experienced musicians alike.

Mr. Nychuk, Ms. Godfredsen, Ms. Tait​

Active Living: This course emphasizes and promotes lifelong healthy living habits through a variety of activities. Students will learn and develop movement skills, safety and injury prevention and ways to improve physical fitness through group and individual activities.