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Dance Program



dance orig 2.pngThe dance program at Leila North is designed for dancers of all levels. Although the classes are beginner, modifications can be made for more advanced students to participate in the classes. Students in grades 7 and 8 will have the opportunity to learn dance basics in several styles of dance. Grade 7 students will focus on the basics and history of ballet as well as the terminology and French pronunciations. They will then move on to stylized jazz, where they will learn the evolution of dance in North America and have the opportunity to create their own choreography while learning to improve their technique and base dance skills. Grade 8 students will explore the world of tap dance, taking them on a trip through the history of tap and the evolution from street dance to Broadway. The grade 8s will then explore hip hop dance, learning about the historical climb from street parties and battle dances to choreographed dance videos and competitions.


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The dance team is open to all students in grades 6-8. While the dance team is primarily a hip hop team, several styles of dance can be integrated into the performances. Students will learn one or 2 choreographed group routines for performance. Students are also given the opportunity to create their own pieces, and to aide in the choreography of the group dance. Performance Opportunities for the dance team include the school talent show, Seven Oaks Divisional Dance Day, and Arts in the Park.

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