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Maples Collegiate
Jun 15, 2024
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Maples Music and the Performing Arts

Maples offers a wide variety of performing arts opportunities for students in the areas of music, theatre and dance. We have a vibrant  department with experienced, caring and dynamic staff.  Music, drama and movement are important parts of our larger school culture and are valuable ways for our students and staff to learn, grow and build positive relationships.

Please call our performing arts teachers directly if you have questions about the programs or upcoming events (204-632-6641). All performing arts events are listed on our Maples calendar

Band: Brian Zimmerman (ext 10530), Chloe Plamondon (ext 10495), and Jaclyn Loganberg (ext 10481)

Choir: Dorothy Dyck (ext 10454) and Philip Lapatha (ext. 10476)

Dance: Rachel Cooper (ext 10441) and Jennifer Zaretski (ext 10528)