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Oct 28, 2021
School Day 1
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Dinner & Dance Tickets


Ticket Sales: We will be selling the dinner and dance tickets in September 2020. More information will be shared at the start of the next school year.

Ticket Price: (tickets are non-refundable)

  • $115 for the graduate

  • $115 for the guest (A Guest Approval form must be completed by the graduating student, and approved by the school!)

  • $50 for one parent/guardian



1. What are the requirements when buying a ticket?

  1. Your first and last legal name
  2. Your 7-digit student number (e.x. 97*****)
  3.  Your complete home address
  4. Your home phone number
  5. Your Manitoba Health number
  6. The full name of the parent or guardian picking you (and your guest) up
  7. Your parent or guardian's driver's licence number (NOT their licence plate!)​

NOTE: You will also need to provide your guest's information when you purchase ticket/s.


2. I would like to bring a guest. What do I do?

​Grab a Guest Approval Form from the Maples or Seaford Office and hand it in to Mr. Shier as soon as possible. The form MUST be approved by the school before you can purchase your grad tickets! 2020 Safe Grad Guest Pass Request form.pdf


3. Can anyone purchase tickets for the dinner?

No. You must have the link to the website and your student ID in order to purchase tickets. If your family wants to purchase the tickets, you will have to send them the link and your student ID number. We will not give out a student's ID number to anyone who is not authorized to have it.​


4. In what ways can I purchase tickets?​

Tickets can be paid online with Credit (Visa, MasterCard) or Visa Debit. Debit card use and acceptance will vary from bank to bank and may not all be accepted depending on the individual's account.

If circumstances restrict the purchase through those forms of payment, please contact Mr. Shier or Mr. Buffie to make other arrangements.


5. How many people are allowed to sit at a table?

Tables are grouped in sets of 10. Students are able to view where other students are sitting on the online form. Please note that we might move your seat if your table is not full!


6. I want to sit beside my ​family and friends. What should I do?

Have one family purchase all of the tickets for the table, and have the other family reimburse you upon receiving tickets. You can also get together and make your purchases online at the same time! 


7. What if I would like to purchase a specific table?​

You will be able to see the table layout and select your seats when you log in and buy your ticket/s.​


8. How long will the sale last?



9. What if I have a special meal requirement?

There is an option on the online ticket site to indicate any allergies or special meal requirements.


10. Can I get a ride home with my friend? Can my sister/brother pick me up?

No! Only your parent or guardian can pick you up. This is one of the components of Safe Grad. When you buy your ticket, you will have to indicate the name of the parent/guardian picking you up AND their licence number (NOT their plate number).


11. I don't like where I'm sitting. What should I do?

The seating plan is only in effect during the dinner portion of the night (from  about 6 pm to 9 pm). This is to ensure that the hotel delivers the correct meal to you and the people at your table. After the dinner portion, you are free to sit wherever you want.


12. Can parents stay after dinner?

No. Parents attending the event are only allowed inside the ballroom during the dinner. Once we transition to Safe Grad (the dance portion), only the parent volunteers are allowed to stay/supervise in the ballroom.


13. Can I purchase tickets if I owe the school some money?

No! Tickets will not be sold to students who have not paid all library fines, textbook fees, parking fines, fundraising, sport fees, etc. You must be able to prove that you have paid all your debts in order to purchase a ticket. Please check with the office to find out if your name is on the outstanding fines list.


14. How do I purchase online?

Click on the link here: TBA. Enter your student number. You can choose your seats using the map on the website. It will indicate how many seats are left at each table. Enter your guest information. Enter any allergies or special meal requirements. Select payment and pay with credit card or Interac online.

Make sure you are buying the correct number of tickets before confirming your order! All ticket sales are final!


15. What happens after dinner?

After your parents/guardians exit the ballroom, it's your time to party! Show off your moves on the dance floor! Play Fantasy Casino and earn raffle tickets! Get your smile on for the Photobooth! Get matching Henna Tattoos with your BFFs! Enjoy this moment with your high school friends!