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Dec 09, 2023
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​Convocation Rehearsal 2024​​
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Location: Gym
Date: TBA
Time: TBA
​​​​Convocation Ceremony 2024​
Location: RBC Convention Centre (Convocation Hall/ Hall C)
Date: Tuesday, June 25, 2023
Time: 7:00 pm​​

Convocation Ceremony 2023 

Information β€‹

- There is no capacity limit inside the Convocation Hall; your whole family can attend the event!

- Please make sure everyone eats dinner before going to the venue. Our ceremony usually lasts between 2.5 to 3 hours!

- Please visit this link for parking availability:​ β€‹

- We will share information to the grads during the Convocation Rehearsal about where to go to reach the Convocation Hall (Hall C). There will also be signs directing you to Hall C. 

- Florists will be available near the entrance to the Hall C if you want to forget to buy flowers for your grad. 

- Coffee and drinks will also be available for purchase as well.


6:00 pm - Doors open to the Convocation Hall. Rush seating only. Please do not sit on rows designated to Maples staff and special guests/dignitaries.

6:30 pm - Grads should go to the backstage area (Hall D) and start lining up for the grad procession.

7:00 pm - Convocation ceremony starts.

*9:30 pm - After the ceremony, grads return their gown and vee-stole backstage (don't forget the hanger!). They will also receive their act​ual diploma and their grad gift during this time.

* = approximate time

Convocation Rehearsal 2023

- The rehearsal will start in TBA.

- Grads are required to attend this rehearsal.

- During this time, the grads will practice lining up for the grad procession.

- We will also show you where to go when you arrive at the RBC Convention Centre. Grads will have to go one way while guests will have to go another way.

- We will also give out the grad gowns, vee-stoles, and caps after the rehearsal. Take lots of pictures with your family before the event (i.e. during the weekend)!

- Your grad gown and vee-stole are rental items. Please take care of them while they are in your possession. You will be returning them immediately after Convocation.

- Please do not forget to bring the hanger that comes with your grad gown.​

- Note that if your gown and vee-stole are not returned, you will have to pay for the full cost of the gown and vee-stole.

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