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Maples Collegiate
Mar 04, 2021
School Day 4
No School Today


Location: RBC Convention Centre
Date: TBA
Start Time: TBA
The day will be broken down into 2 or 3 smaller ceremonies, depending on the amount of grads attending the event. Please use the RSVP form (by September 25) to let us know if you are attending or not attending: β€‹β€‹​​ . After September 25, we will be finalizing our plans for this event. More specific information will be released at the start of October.
Our Convocation will be held in Hall C - City View. Everyone attending the event should go in through the South Carlton doors. Use the ssd​tairs/escalators to go up to the third floor. You can wait in the Carlton Concourse while graduates get their caps and gowns in Hall D. The doors to Hall C will open at TBA. Convocation will start at TBA.

 Please note that Convocation is a formal event. Please remain seated during the duration of the ceremony. If you need to get up and have a break, you can go to the Carlton Concourse (outside of Hall C). Also, it is strongly encouraged for graduates and their families​ to eat dinner before coming to the Convention Centre. Convocation usually runs for approximately 2.5 to 3 hours.