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Alumni Message
  Message from our Alumni members

Dear friends, 

My experiences as Co-President of the Maples Amnesty International Group for the last two years were nothing less than extraordinary. I had the great privilege of working with fabulous, hard-working, dedicated committee members and staff advisors. We put our collective power together and accomplished great feats on the front of human rights and social justice at the school community level. We worked hard to promote the ideas of social equality, human rights and responsibilities and engaged and educated the students at Maples Collegiate. Our group held various awareness campaigns and fundraising activities to spread the word of human rights on all levels. In addition, our group came up with the idea for a Social Justice and Stewardship Fair, which in turn, became an annual event. Through this fair, we allowed the students to become engaged in their own learning by opening up a fair where students presented their projects on a social justice related topic in collaboration with their classroom curriculum. After all of the hard work and planning, it was one of the many highlights of my personal high school experience. 
I will never forget my time serving Maples Collegiate, and look forward to not only promoting social equality in my future, but sowing the seed we have planted flourish for all to take part in. After all, it is our responsibility to make everyone feel apart of our global community. I look forward to a future where everyone is equal and I know our Maples Amnesty International Group is on the right path.

 Tyler Spencer